How RevvADAS enabled ADAS Diagnostic Solutions to double monthly vehicle repairs

How RevvADAS enabled ADAS Diagnostic Solutions to double monthly vehicle repairs

How RevvADAS enabled ADAS Diagnostic Solutions to double monthly vehicle repairs

adas diagnostics solutions revv adas
adas diagnostics solutions revv adas

The comprehensive ADAS diagnostics solution has unlocked new revenue for a Massachusetts calibration center and its collision shop partners


Increased sales by 75% a month

~2x average number of vehicles per month

With over 20 years of experience in the collision industry, Mike Ambrosino, team leader at ADAS Diagnostic Solutions, knows his way around a car. But the growth of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles has shaken up his traditional repair workflow. Instead of simply fixing up physical, cosmetic damage and sending a car on its way, there is now a lot more calibration work required. Currently, 92.7% of new vehicles in the U.S. have at least one ADAS, but 60% of standard repair estimates don’t include ADAS repairs. Essential fixes to safety features like brake assist or blind spot detection aren’t being performed, creating liability risks for repair shops and, more importantly, safety risks for drivers.

“There are so many shops out there operating with the mentality that if a warning light isn't on the vehicle, if there's not a visible problem with the vehicle, or if the customer doesn't bring it back, then everything is fine,” said Ambrosino.

Ambrosino knew ADAS features would only continue to grow in new vehicles, so much so that he and his partners opened ADAS Diagnostic Solutions, a center dedicated specifically to ADAS calibrations.

But despite the increasing need to assess and repair ADAS, uncovering which recalibration procedures need to be completed is a feat. Original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, are constantly releasing updates to requirements that already vary drastically between make, model, year, and trim package. Manually parsing these resources is a timely operation for repair technicians. That’s why from the onset, Ambrosino and his team have relied heavily on software to diagnose necessary calibration procedures. But an overnight change led them to quickly pivot to a new solution.

The switch to RevvADAS pays off

Since its opening, ADAS Diagnostic Solutions had been using one of the industry’s most popular diagnostics tools to pinpoint required calibrations, deploying the technology across 10 service accounts—one for each collision shop they worked with. The software worked by evaluating a vehicle’s build and repair details based on an uploaded estimate report, ultimately returning the required ADAS calibrations to the collision shop staff.

But in April 2023, the software provider discontinued their service accounts with little notice. ADAS Diagnostic Solutions was left with a choice: pay to upgrade each service account to its own master account, or find a new solution. Luckily, Ambrosino found RevvADAS at the right time. ADAS Diagnostic Solutions deployed RevvADAS across their calibration centers in May 2023 and has had nothing but positive results since.

Instead of relying on manual research via multiple databases, RevvADAS synthesizes the wealth of information on ADAS features for different vehicles using a large language model (LLM). Technicians can simply run a repair estimate through the platform, which compiles ADAS calibration requirements using an AI-enabled rules engine. The result is a comprehensive ADAS diagnostic report that not only provides  customers with better visibility into their vehicles’ repair, but is also an essential requirement for insurance companies responsible for covering the repairs. 

“RevvADAS makes it a lot easier to get to the proper documentation and creates a better experience for our customers who want to see the information they need to justify the work,” Ambrosino said.

RevvADAS fits seamlessly into ADAS Diagnostic Solutions’ business operations—a benefit the previous technology had taken away. The software allows for multiple service accounts under one master account—without a premium cost. Now, each collision shop can run its own estimates through RevvADAS and generate an ADAS package that outlines all of the necessary calibrations before they pass the vehicle along to the calibration center. And as the primary account, ADAS Diagnostic Solutions has access to all of the ADAS packages generated within their network for full visibility into repairs and operations.

More repairs leads to more revenue

Using RevvADAS has generated additional revenue for the calibration center. In their first few months using the software, ADAS Diagnostic Solutions was completing calibrations on just over 100 vehicles a month. Now, as collision shops integrate the software into their operations, the calibration center has doubled calibrations, servicing nearly 200 vehicles a month. And with the new influx of vehicles, ADAS Diagnostic Solutions has seen a 75% increase in sales per month since May. 

“Now, it’s not just our team looking at vehicles and physical damage so we can point out what calibration is needed,” said Ambrosino. “RevvADAS is helping educate the shops that use it about the necessity of calibrations and making them ask questions they weren't asking before.”