Multinational automotive technology company Burke Porter deploys RevvADAS to grow ADAS business

Multinational automotive technology company Burke Porter deploys RevvADAS to grow ADAS business

Multinational automotive technology company Burke Porter deploys RevvADAS to grow ADAS business

burke porter revv adas
burke porter revv adas

Ascential Technologies transportation branch, Burke Porter, leverages RevvADAS’s speed and accuracy to generate ADAS calibration reports across all of its locations

For more than 70 years, Ascential Technologies has been a leader in medical and life sciences, industrial markets, and transportation. In September 2023, the company rebranded from Burke Porter Group, retaining this well-recognized name for its transportation division where it continues to deliver cutting edge technologies and diagnostics to an ever-evolving industry.

A growing area of the industry is advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which include features like emergency braking, park assist, and blind spot detection. As their prevalence grows, repair reports indicating a need for ADAS calibrations—often post-collision—have increased as well, escalating from 70% to 78% over the last three years. Always on the forefront of modern essential technologies, Burke Porter recognized this growing trend, and realized that expanding its calibration offerings was an obvious next step.

When Burke Porter kicked off this new business sector, it relied on a diagnostics software that proved costly. That’s when Matt Braam, the company’s director of aftermarket automotive, discovered a new alternative: RevvADAS.

RevvADAS delivers efficient changes to ADAS diagnostics

Braam and his team were initially drawn to RevvADAS because of its unique pricing plan, which is tailored to individual customers. That means Burke Porter only pays for the reports and features it needs.

Once Braam’s team deployed RevvADAS in May 2023, a number of other benefits became clear. Because RevvADAS is powered by a large language model (LLM) rules engine that compiles massive amounts of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data, the platform generates reports on necessary ADAS calibrations more accurately and faster than non-AI-enabled alternatives. As a renowned business with operations across the world, Burke Porter prides itself on accuracy, and RevvADAS has been essential to maintaining it.

The organization’s main office handles ADAS diagnostics instead of placing this responsibility on individual repair shops. With this structure, speed and efficiency are crucial. With RevvADAS, Cesar Morales, an ADAS technician, can run a collision repair estimate through the platform and receive a complete list of ADAS calibrations in seconds. In short, RevvADAS has enabled the company to stay nimble, seamlessly integrating ADAS diagnostics into their processes.

“RevvADAS is able to quickly turn a repair estimate into a comprehensive ADAS calibration package,” said Morales. “Unlike other diagnostics hubs, we take responsibility for ADAS diagnostics. We want to provide an efficient service to the shops we work with, instead of creating delays in their workflow.”

Collaboration as a driver for success

Since working with RevvADAS, Burke Porter has scaled their ADAS business to generate ADAS packages across all of its locations, creating previously untapped revenue for their shops. The reports break down calibration needs by ADAS, steering, safety, and functional operations, allowing technicians—and vehicle owners—to understand exactly what needs to be done and why. And using RevvADAS’s white-labeling feature, Burke Porter is building brand trust by showcasing its name and branding across all of the ADAS packages it generates. 

“We really appreciate the personalization aspect. It’s allowed us to truly integrate RevvADAS into our business—both in our processes and in our branding,” said Braam.

Beyond the technology itself, Burke Porter has experienced the benefits of Revv’s unparalleled customer service. RevvADAS is constantly evolving and improving thanks to feedback from users like Morales.

“Revv is always receptive to suggestions and quick to implement changes. Being able to place our trust in the people, not just the software, has been monumental as we grow this part of our business,” Morales said.