New business ADAS Service Centers relies on Revv as an essential catalyst for growth

New business ADAS Service Centers relies on Revv as an essential catalyst for growth

New business ADAS Service Centers relies on Revv as an essential catalyst for growth

adas service centers revv adas
adas service centers revv adas

Since ADAS Service Centers opened in July 2023, RevvADAS has supported its diagnostics business and continued growth


550 repairs using RevvADAS to date

Over 250 vehicles per month

When Jerod Lee and his partner opened ADAS Service Centers in July 2023, each brought over 30 years of experience in the space. Yet starting their own business was uncharted territory. Given the growth of ADAS in new vehicles, the business was built around demand. But the duo knew that growth would only be possible with the right toolset. 

In the weeks following opening, Lee focused his efforts on finding an ADAS diagnostics platform. He assessed the different offerings on the market at the time and spoke with experts, before ultimately landing on RevvADAS. 

Lee was initially drawn to the platform because it fit the structure of his business. While other businesses might do both collision repairs and ADAS calibrations in-house, ADAS Service Centers relies on business from auto repair shops seeking calibration services for their customers. RevvADAS was appealing because Lee could create multiple sub-accounts under the central ADAS Service Centers account, enabling the company’s collision and repair shop partners to generate their own ADAS reports based on their own estimates—without having to rely on help from the calibration team. This centralized the diagnostics workflow, creating the efficiency that Lee sought.  

By August 2023, ADAS Service Centers had deployed RevvADAS across its network of auto repair shops and was seeing quick business growth. In the months since, RevvADAS has been critical to helping scale the business. 

Fostering more fruitful partnerships

At ADAS Service Centers, Lee is working hard to make ADAS calibrations a natural part of the repair process as the industry plays catch up with the new technology.

For a recent Toyota Lee was working on, he said “there's no indication on the dash that there’s an issue. The blind spot monitors appear to be working, and they might be perfectly fine. But that’s all a maybe. Calibration is essential, and shops don’t always listen to what the OEM guidelines say.” 

Even when shops do recognize that calibration is necessary, they might be hesitant to send the vehicle out for additional services—especially when it means lengthening the repair time or increasing the cost of repair. Since the pandemic, Lee has noticed repairs times have nearly doubled—likely because drivers neglected maintenance during lockdowns. For shops dealing with customers who just want to get their car back on the road, skipping ADAS calibration seems like an easy way to save time.

But with RevvADAS, shops can save time by automating ADAS diagnostics. Instead of requiring technicians to manually search OEM guidelines, aftermarket aggregators, and other data sources, RevvADAS is a large language model rules engine built on this information. The reports are more accurate than manual processes and help businesses see the reasoning behind ADAS services so they can better justify any additional repair time to customers. Each comprehensive ADAS package highlights the undeniable value of ADAS calibrations—not only for supporting insurance and liability documentation but also for maintaining overall vehicle safety. 

A critical tool for a growing business

Since fully deploying RevvADAS in August, ADAS Service Centers has built meaningful relationships with its repair shop partners and services over 250 cars a month. Across its partners, they have performed over 550 repairs using RevvADAS. 

Both Revv and ADAS Service Centers are in the first year of operations, and as two businesses working closely together, transparency has been critical. Lee is always passing along feedback to Revv’s team to continually improve the diagnostics platform. And Revv is working on new features that can meet the expanding needs of its customers.

In fact, Lee was one of the first companies to test RevvADAS 360, Revv’s end-to-end business management software. This latest offering integrates RevvADAS with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, QuickBooks billing, workflow management, and other solutions to create a comprehensive business solution. Instead of navigating through a number of different software applications, RevvADAS 360 eliminates operational silos and allows technicians to work in one connected ecosystem.

“A comprehensive management solution has been something I’ve been searching for since opening ADAS Service Centers,” said Lee. “Gaining this functionality from a company we already work with closely and trust has been transformative.”

As both companies continue to grow, this symbiotic partnership will scale alongside—bringing additional business and revenue to both sides and returning safer vehicles to the road.