RevvADAS fuels customer growth for Texas-based Complete Collision Solutions

RevvADAS fuels customer growth for Texas-based Complete Collision Solutions

RevvADAS fuels customer growth for Texas-based Complete Collision Solutions

complete collision solutions revv adas
complete collision solutions revv adas

Automating ADAS diagnostics with RevvADAS drives revenue for the company and its 50+ partner collision shops


2500 ADAS reports generated per month

2.5x ADAS calibrations on collision repairs compared to national average

As vehicles advance in both build quality and embedded technology, the need for parallel progress in repair services is crucial. This fact is top of mind for Mike Stuver, Chief Operating Officer of Complete Collision Solutions, a Dallas-Fort Worth area mobile diagnostics and repair services company that partners with more than 50 automotive repair partners in Texas. Founded in 2022, the company’s portfolio of services covers all vehicle technology and safety components.

Distinguishing itself from other auto repair operations—many of which are still adjusting to the growing prevalence of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)—Complete Collision Solutions integrated ADAS calibrations from the start. Stuver joined the business shortly after its founding to grow its ADAS operations, arriving with 20 years of experience in the collision industry.

Stuver’s first goal: finding the most optimal software to facilitate the ADAS diagnostic process. After extensively pilot-testing several tools, RevvADAS emerged as his team’s choice for its efficient, automated diagnostics capabilities. Since integrating the software into Complete Collision Solutions’ workflows, RevvADAS has become a critical driver of the company’s ADAS business sector, customer expansion, and overall revenue growth.

High volume of repairs requires ultra-efficient ADAS diagnostics

Complete Collision Solutions manages high volumes of diagnostics and repairs for more than 50 collision shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. One of its largest customers is Texas Collision Centers, a growing organization of more than 10 shops in the region. 

In addition to ADAS services, its services include other safety and technology components, such as wiring, SRS replacements, and auto glass repairs. With so much to manage, streamlining and automating the ADAS component of the business has been instrumental in reducing manual workload and growing revenue opportunities.

Each day, Stuver and his team compile ADAS reports for select repair shop partners, documenting which vehicles need calibrations and specific repairs that must be completed. Using a large language model, RevvADAS automates much of this process. It quickly synthesizes original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data to turn repair estimates into a comprehensive report of the necessary ADAS calibrations in a matter of seconds. The software is continually kept up-to-date with ongoing feedback from highly trained technicians to ensure every ADAS package is generated accurately.

This improved efficiency trickles down to Complete Collision Solutions’ partner collision centers. Because they receive ADAS reports in a timely manner, technicians at these shops can now work more proactively and incorporate calibrations from the start, leading to increased overall productivity.

Overall, Stuver says integrating RevvADAS software has allowed his team to better support partner shops. They are now generating roughly 2500 reports a month, each one helping them return a safer car to the road and generate increased revenue in the process. 

“RevvADAS has quickly become an indispensable tool for us,” said Stuver. “The whole experience has been positive, from ease of set up to ease of use. It’s rare to see such quick adoption with new technology, but that has been the case for us.”

A collaborator for the long haul

Given his years of experience in the industry, Stuver knew the revenue and liability protection potential of being able to generate accurate ADAS calibration reports quickly. RevvADAS has solidified that for him and his team. 

Recognizing that proper ADAS diagnostics and repairs are rare nationwide, Complete Collision Solutions stands out in helping its partner shops return safe vehicles to the road. In 2021, just 17% of repair estimates for cars made during that model year included ADAS calibrations. Complete Collision Solutions, in contrast, completes ADAS calibrations on 49% of vehicle repairs that come in from its partner shops—a figure that has already grown significantly in the short time since beginning work with RevvADAS.

While Stuver cites Revv’s competitive pricing as an important benefit, he says Revv’s overall support for the company’s mission has been its most valuable offering. Complete Collision Solutions’ primary goal is putting safer cars back on the road—and Revv is helping them achieve that with greater efficiency.

“We knew from the onset that we were getting a great partner in Revv—the only surprise was how great,” Stuver said. “Revv has put together an incredible tool and continues to add more to their software almost daily. Their constant focus on becoming the best ADAS diagnostics tool on the market is clear with every improvement.”